Metal Detector Find > FINGER RING 4 US 14.75mm 9149

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Metal Detector Find > FINGER RING 4 US 14.75mm 9149 Click to Enlarge
This item is guaranteed to be an authentic artifact found with a metal detector in the Balkans.  These rings date from Roman times to early 20th Century.  I fear mis-describing this item due to the diversity of the styles of these rings coupled with the fact that there are very few resources available to accurately date them.  So it is for this reason that I will leave the dating to you.

Please see the title for the size of this ring.  You can SHOP FOR RINGS BY SIZE in my store.  I have a categories set up based on US ring sizes.  You can also search my ring auctions by size if you like.  The US rings have a space between the whole and fraction size.  So search for 8(space)1/2 for a size 8 1/2. The international sizes have NO spaces i.e. 18.5mm.

I also sell a cleaner in my store call "Mint State Cleaner" that works wonders on copper alloy items like these bronze rings.  You can click on "cleaning supplies" on the left side of the screen.  It will greatly reduce your soak time to clean your bronze items.  Please read the directions carefully and use on some broken or lower value items first to get the feel for how it works.  

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