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ERIC II: The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins
By Rasiel Suarez

  • This book is brand new!
  • Covers the entire Roman empire from Augustus to Constantine XI and the fall of the Byzantines.
  • Over 60,000 coin varieties listed, more than any other reference at any price
  • 1,481 pages in high resolution color with thousands of coin photos
  • Each of nearly 300 coin issuing authorities comes with biography, catalog, plates and more in its own section
  • Accurate market pricing based on over 300,000 auctions
  • Hundreds of previously unpublished varieties now listed
  • Cross-referencing to the most authoritative works and collections
  • Easy to use format takes just minutes to learn
  • Limited printing of only 3,000 copies!

The November 2010 release of ERIC II follows five years of intensive work in going well beyond the scope of the first edition. Where 2005's ERIC provided a solid introduction into the field of Roman coinage this followup aims for a much higher ambition with a fully comprehensive catalog of even the most obscure issues while maintaining the user-friendly format of the original. Also retained and significantly enhanced is the use of high-resolution color photography from cover to cover. The plates for each ruler have been upgraded with better and more photos with the rest of each section making rich use of color elsewhere. The listings are now more informative and are internally referenced with pertinent ancillary data. A significant improvement has been made in extending the catalog over the entire Byzantine series thus covering the complete span of coinage from the days of Augustus through the downfall of Constantine XI some 1,500 years later. Numbering some 60,000 entries, this landmark work marks the first occasion such a wide swath of numismatics has been covered in a single volume.

If you collect or are thinking of collecting Roman coins you need good reference books. And if you can afford to get only one, make it the best one on the market! See why this award-winning book was praised by LibraryJournal, the most respected reviewer of reference works, as "The foremost subject resource since Cohen’s eight-volume Description historique des monnaies frappes sous l’Empire Romain of 1880".

More praise for ERIC II

"The Rolls Royce of Roman coins books"

"There are so many things that immediately set this book ahead of most works on this topic, I hardly know where to start"
"Easily the most visually-appealing ancient coin book I have ever laid eyes upon"
"For years I have regretted having neither the money nor the shelf space for the multi-volume RIC, but now, no more"
"I have been collecting Roman coins for 15 years and have many other reference books. None are as complete as ERIC II"
"The amount of research and effort that went into this book seems almost insane"
"A bargain even at two or three times the asking price"

  • Hardcover: 1481 pages
  • Publisher: Dirty Old Books (November 1, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0976466413
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