AORTA Book (1000+ page Handbook for the Roman Coin Collector) by Rasiel Suarez

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Aorta is the newest and most modern book available on Roman coins. Based on the award-winning ERIC II, this abridged version is now available in an affordable paperback edition. It features a comprehensive catalog listing tens of thousands of coins, bios on every Roman emperor and empress, pricing and rarity data, etc. An essential part of every ancient numismatist's library!

This book is comprehensive in scope yet both affordable and very portable at only a pound in weight. Aorta is basically a slimmer, black-and-white edition of ERIC II. While it was prepared as a cheaper version, and thus more accessible to beginning collectors and those on tight budgets, it doesn't skimp on content. With over one thousand pages covering the full coinage of every Roman ruler to mint currency this remains by far the most up-to-date and comprehensive catalog available. As was the case with ERIC II, Aorta is just as easy to use and benefits by incorporating some new listings, updated plates and corrections to make this a compelling offering.

Aorta Features:

- A fully comprehensive catalog of Roman coins in one handy book
- Covers the period from Octavian to the fall of Rome in 476 AD
- Modern, easy to use system for identifying all your Roman Imperial coins
- Biographies on over 100 emperors, empresses and other imperial members
- The latest market pricing
- Thousands of coin and other photographs
- Includes ERIC II 2011 corrigenda
- Concise and portable at only 6.5"x5" and just over 1lb.
- Most affordable Roman coin catalog by far!

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ISBN 9780976466437. Softcover 1,021pp.

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