5 Ancient Roman coins + 4 oz. Mint State Restoration Coin Cleaner M195

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5 Ancient Roman coins + 4 oz. Mint State Restoration Coin Cleaner M195 Click to Enlarge

5 "HIGHER" QUALITY Uncleaned Ancient Roman Coins + ONE 4 Oz. Bottle of Mint State Restoration Cleaner. The coins in the photo are the 5 coins you will receive.

The top right-side up ruler is in millimeters, the upside down ruler is in inches.

I have several of these for sale NOW so feel free to look through a few before picking one. I also sell this same item with HIGHER Quality coins and HIGHEST Quality coins. You can search my store for "mint" to see them all!

As you can see in the photos, Mint State Restoration works! And it is REUSABLE! The coins pictured were cleaned exclusively with Mint State Restoration Bronze Cleaner and washed with soap and water per the directions. Mint State is All-Natural and its re-usable! Conceived and developed as an alternative to harsh, toxic chemical cleaners, Mint State uses a combination of natural cleaning ingredients, perfectly blended to clean quickly and effectively, without damaging your coins and artifacts. The formula for Mint State was tested thoroughly using real coins by experts in numismatics and ancient artifact restoration. I personally spent hundreds of hours perfecting the formula on thousands of coins, test strips, and whatever else I could find. The result is a cleaner that is like no other! Mint State works fast, effectively, and can be used again and again. Mint State works, Guaranteed!

Mint State is guaranteed to perform as described on bronze, brass, and copper coins and artifacts, or your money back. I use Mint State exclusively on my ancient coins, and know it is absolutely the best product available. And I'm not alone. Coin collectors from around the world have tested Mint State and reported back their impressions. Every single one agreed that it is unsurpassed in helping to remove dirt, corrosion, and verdigris safely and to beautifully preserve and restore natural color. Don't waste any more time or money on the same old cleaning methods. If you want to get your coins and artifacts cleaned quickly, correctly, and safely, then you need Mint State! Mint State Restoration is available in 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz and in half and full gallons. It is also available in a 4oz and an 8 oz container with a jewelry basket that makes it even easier to use and re-use this product.

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